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iPhone Tripod Mount (Nov. 2012)

I needed an iPhone tripod mount, to film another project without the iPhone moving. I could have bought a ready-made one (like this one), but I decided to cut one myself, from 4 mm acrylic glass. I want to use it … Continue reading

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The Most Useless Machine in Meccano (June 2011)

It all started with the ‘Leave Me Alone Box‘, built by Michael Seedman. He made a fairly complex design, with servo motors and electronic control. Brett Coulthard saw this design, and made a simpler version he called ‘The Most Useless … Continue reading

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Redesign of the Rietveld Lamp L40 (Jan. 2011)

The Rietveld Lamp L40 was designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1920. He used special tubular incandescent light bulbs, and built a fairly simple construction around them. Each light bulb hangs in two small wooden blocks (oak, painted black). The lamps … Continue reading

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